Conversations with Felix

by symbiostasis

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 5.12.19 PM

I talked with Felix over Skype after my first week of meetings on my thesis topic. We went over how I was talking about the whole subject and how some students and professors had responded. Then we moved on to review my interview questions I had created for Users and Sellers editing them.

Overall, as we talked about drug politics and drug communities it became an interesting discussion on really who am I to be designing for and whether I want to focus on Harm Reduction and Safety or the messy politics (outdated term of War on Drugs). I think that conducting interviews and just jumping in will start to guide my project rather than thinking about the finished or speculated thing I will make to encompass this. Also the way I pitch it to people is very important and I can tell that by talking to various friends and Felix that those who are in the community are very responsive to the topic but talking to outsiders they focus on the topic rather than the design issue and then it loses them.