Feels Concert (Jameson’s Account)

by symbiostasis

We parked and saw various college age kids in boheme clothing, bro clothing, random party clothes. Lots of hoopers, glovers, some poi folk, few totems, in casual beachside venue in central coast cali

Everyone seemed to be on something, super drunk or rolling on e it seemed like, various pipes were passed around filled with weed. Small groups would form around the pipe passers, or those on E would massage each other or gather for light shows. A conga line formed for a bit.

One chick approached us asking if we knew anyone with coke lol

Another guy who seemed to be on something struck up a convo with us about the participants of the event. I forget his name

various people doing dances like shuffling

During cashmere cats set he would periodically drop into a trip ambient drawl of droning music kinda like during a trip when you start to trail off into lala land and he would suddenly drop a heavy track bringing the whole crowd back, it felt like he was mimicking their drugged states and leading them on an interesting journey. Then dropping a track on liking drugs and rinsing it out with multiple versions to really connect deep with the crowd. All the while trippy turtle was up freaking out and at the end duo playing with the cat.

When Jai Wolf was on the sun was out and the mood was relaxing, moving between hype tracks and more chill euphoria.

Trippy Turtle did his thing with the remixes good stuff

They sold food and drinks there, so we had mai tais which were yummy and some pulled pork sandwiches which were also yummy.

Elaine at some point gave light shows to two girls on E and they became friends while I played with poi in front of some hoopers and flag wavers. There was even a kid there playing with flags, it was pretty awesome.

They also had free water there.

It all centered around one stage and there were not too many people maybe 500 – 1000 at most. so lots of space to chill.

Some rolling people had pacifiers in their mouths.

Also, various people were smoking cigarettes.