HTID (Flexy Perspective)

by symbiostasis


A fiction of events

We took the first half when we arrived, it took about 30 minutes for the initial effects to take over. I began to feel very chatty, my mind was floaty and began to feel my eyes feel heavy. I sat down finding it hard to dance in a coordinated way. After sitting we began to talk about everything, life, our friendship, and the project. I felt so happy to be with a close friend sharing this experience. It was then that we met friends sitting next to us, we talked to them for what seemed like a few minutes but when we checked the time we had been sitting and talking for about an hour.

We got up and wondered to the dance area outside, we danced and talked about the stages, the vibes, saying how amazing everyone looked. This Dane and chat continued for the rest of the dj set we were watching. We then moved to the indoor stage. We danced some more and enjoyed the environment. I then started to play with my orbit, it felt amazing to dance with it, to have it tug at my finger tips, massaging my hands as I dance. The feeling led to visuals when closing my eyes.

The time passed so quickly, I felt at times I would close my eyes and start to dance, then I’d get lost in the moment and time would fly by. One moment we an hour left of the show and the next I open my eyes, and boom the dj is saying good night.

I felt happy, disoriented, and energetic. …it was fun memorable experience.