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Month: March, 2016

Update: Finally Reading to Serial


[Update: Must hook up Bluetooth BlueSMiRF directly to Arduino, using female/male headers, and not the breadboard… was causing all the connection/reading serial problems]

So after a couple hours in trying to recreate what I did a few days ago, I couldn’t get the serial to read and when I did (RX+TX) plugged in, it kept giving me an output of 0. But it was still reading, Yay!

[Update: the problem with the “0” output was having the RX on bluetooth connected! As says the RX on BlueSMiRF was giving them problems… after it was disconnected, the ouput gave out readings!]

Basically I have to do the whole restart procedure:

  1. Upload code “Mindwave_Arduino_LED_UART” to Arduino Uno (Mindwave off)
  2. Sometimes restart Arduino, otherwise open up Serial Monitor (already set to 57600)
  3. Plug in connections [IMPORTANT: use only RX on Arduino to TX on bluetooth and REMOVE RX wire] IMG_4711
  4. Then, after a few seconds, turn on Mindwave to “pair” (make sure unpaired to repair)
  5. ***Pairing them again took a while as I had to keep restarting the Mindwave on/off*** [Arduino must be on BEFORE Mindwave is turned on!]
  6. Usually should connect right away… if it keeps blinking blue and Bluetooth is red, restart Mindwave OR do entire process again (in order)
  7. Now the RX wire when connected to Arduino should light up the TX LED on board… if not, disconnect and reconnect until the LED turns on (sending serial this way or else no output)
  8. Open Serial to see “Meditation” values and averages!



> however in that tutorial it says to connect TX-TX, I hooked up TX-RX (TX on bluetooth-RX on arduino)


Statement of Practice

I am interested in artistic explorations and functional designs that attempt to create change or challenge preconceived notions of our reality. Whether revolving around art, activism and queered spaces, I seek to create spaces of facilitated dialogue around political and social issues. Basing my work around tackling social oppressions in various scopes, I take on a more actionable, queering, and gendered approach and perspective to looking at the world of impact through design.

I have been recently engaging with the contexts around wearable technology and emerging media as forms of embodiment and empowerment. As a place for potential breakthroughs in the commercial sector, it also proves as an exciting arena as an unmarked territory of the body as insightful to the futures of our flesh, minds and innate human qualities and characteristics. These questions challenge industry and explore the boundaries of functional technology and transform it into something more experiential, expressive, and empowering.

Through technologies, I have explored issues around the War on Drugs, transgendered discrimination, and protest movements, creating interventions and moments of clarity through the topics at hand. Although not aiming for a solution based creation, my work tends to create blurred lines of inquiry into these spaces. Such interventions use analogue and digital mediums to interact and feed into acts of creating awareness. Embodying awareness through my work allows me to look at wearables and technology production in ways that create ownership, especially when drawing from my own experiences. By mixing extremes whether the social-political with computation, the body and spiritual experience or traditional values in a fluxuating modernity, the contrasting and polarizing themes create the kinds of awareness that are inherent in the systems I analyze and tackle.

Through methodical research into such subjects, my designs and produced works give life and voice to a community of perspectives that are embedded into the overall aesthetic and positioning of my work. The topics at hand can often be difficult, serious, dark or moody in such extremes, however my aesthetic often takes these undertones and reverses, reflects and highlights such points in ways abstracted from its subjected perversion. At the core of interest in extremes is the fundamental abstraction of a systemic view that fluctuates between a spectrum and by reflecting these qualities in my work through aesthetic, user experience or interactivity, the play on such subtleties can be felt.

Ref: Bluetooth module to EEG headset


Hooking up Arduino, Bluetooth & Neurosky:—hacking-mindwave-mobile

and debug/corrections:


Using Bluetooth:



[3/29/15]…Will not send to Serial Monitor

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 11.16.49 AM

[Update: 4/4/15] Last time, had to connect TX-TX on serial0, not switched, and after restarting both.  It gave output with “test-mindwave” code.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 11.17.07 AM

More info:


(^Giving some kind of output…^)