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Framework for Consciousness

framework of consciousness

Over winter break, I reframed my thesis and brief after conducting more research into studies of hallucinations and the work of Oliver Sacks and the various philosophies and cultural upheavals of the 1960s in psychedelia. In my own reflection on widespread drug use and its generative assumptions and misinterpretations, philosophical views surrounding the subject have been overlooked due to its untestable nature. However, taking an analytical and historically bent scientific evaluation of the holisitc influence of drugs, it makes sense to come to an overall framework that could attempt to explain drug experiences and their influence on reality in tangible terms.

Points to Consider:

  • Changing perceptions around drug use has to take into account a holistic viewpoint towards reality generation, not the representative nature of what drugs have come to be perceived according to its recent human use
  • This point of view is a framework to build, test and hypothesize upon, and helps consolidate the impact of drugs as “facilitated experiences” on a user’s psyche
  • The depictions of drugs (media, art, authorship, research) has been overtly cast from the male perspective since the heyday of the 1960s… How does a gendered (queering) feminine approach change the way we see and value altered consciousness? How does a non-white, Eastern, culturally historical viewpoint change the way drugs can be seen?
  • By deconstructing drugs as objects of experience, commitment and integration, can this tackle/call attention to the bigger problems of the destructive and untrue biases towards addiction, illicit drug users and its real consequences?
  • By shifting the conversation towards its historical ties to spirituality, healing and transformation as a positive force, I hope to speak towards both political embodiment of activism through the subject but towards one that fosters collective and long term positive growth and potential for the future (vs one that just creates a stagnant “solution” without looking at drugs in all of its historical analysis – racial injustices, scientific breakthroughs, and eastern practices)
  • Hypothesis and Prototyping is used here as a call towards using drugs and tangible forms of experimentation towards research in new fields of Science that ultimately begin with unknown variables and models – one that recognizes the longstanding values of Eastern practice and medicine, Traditions and Shamanic Spiritualism

Asking the Right Questions: How did America end up in this $#!+?

INSIGHTS from “Marijuana History” article and “The First & Last Days of the Drug War”:

Anslinger (the head of the Narcotics Bureau in the 1930s-1950s) became obsessed with drugs as the quintessential symbol for fear within the heart of the American people at the time. Coming to the end of the Prohibition era, alcohol had been resurrected as legal from a failed attempt at prohibition, spawned by the Temperance Movement earlier in the last century. Even though this was made legal again as many public wide opinions toward alcohol were changed because the demand was so great and the illegal operations of speakeasies were so popular, the other narcotics were still scrutinized, fallen short from the public eye overshadowed by alcohol. When Anslinger came on board, he was determined to eradicate all narcotics from the American system, including eventually marijuana, even though these drugs were used by medical practitioners for patient treatment.

Drugs became a game of who to blame, the sensationalist media had a scapegoat to rattle on all things drugs (marijuana) that made you insane and caused one to murder or commit suicide. This was the age of newspapers and crime where the public and of racist tendencies, a much different time than now.

INSIGHTS from Energy Control and Doctor X’s Drug Testing lab in Spain:


from their lab that works with the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and agreement with police to supply data about dangerous drugs to broadcast… (assumption) does this effect create a better society that enables more purer substances to be made? [Think Europills from Europe i.e. “DanceSafe Article”] are very potent and strong even compared to American standards. The fact of warning people on the streets which pills are laced or dangerous ensures buying effectively and safely in an unregulated market, but what kind of effect has it had on Europe?

The World of the Deep Web: an interesting tangent and investigation into the deep space of the internet in lieu of sites like Silk Road, which in effect the deep web or sites like Silk Road represent a type of lawless open anonymous space where anything goes and no one is judged… a mix of chaos, anarchy and liberalism at the heart. The deeper I dig into the drug world, I start to realize how synonymous drugs are as manifestations of ideas. So thus laws being the control of drugs, our ideas are monitored and controlled under this meta- surveillance.

Quality Control and DIY Policing within the Unregulated Market: So who produces these? The chemists and underground labs… It must take a mass operation, like the mafia or cartel, to supply our demands of course. Yet for those who are purists (i.e. Pokeballs manufacturer, Shulgin, Huxley) who care about quality at least are the ones set as an example of who to profile to catch [Bunk Police’s “What’s In My Baggie?” Documentary]. Their arrests made public and broadcasted or even just to be made an example of – and rightly so maybe because individuals are easier to catch than a shadowy organization, the real criminals. The lack of quality control in this unregulated market and the consequences of the drug war have created an imbalance of who to catch and what to look for – discouraging purity and education and (to bump up the arrest quota) encouraging big operations to lace or mix their ounces with poison or other unknown substances, which can surely lead to death.

This is the difference of today’s drugs than those in the 60s. Even then, lsd was stronger and very pure, compared to our weak and adultered variant today. (Maybe that’s why the hippies had such a profound holistic movement compared to our raver- E driven culture content to escape into the pleasure world than create change in the real world, it comforts you rather than catapults you out of yourself as a disruptive force…) Today, it is not about that all encompassing experience or quality. Demand is demand no matter what form or use and supply channels are only getting more complicated and dangerous, hence all the safety organizations that have recently formed in the past 5 years to try and address these problems with a DIY type of policing and health movement. When users grow and the demand for the high and pleasures of the mind are ever increasing, the need will only grow and become normal. It’s time to approach this complex problem sensibly.